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Things to do in the Fall

Fall is my favorite season of all! I love the crisp air and the smell of fall always brings a smile to my face! I am obsessed with everything pumpkin spiced! I wanted to list some of the best fall activities I could think of. I have already done some of these things this fall and I plan to do the rest of them!!

Here is my list of everything to do in the Fall!

  • Pumpkin Patch is a MUST!

  • Go to a u-pick apple orchard!

  • Sunflower Field

  • Halloween/Fall themed pop up bar! We have one in Chicago (Jacks Pumpkin Pop up) and it is so fun and festive!

  • WINERIES! They have to be SO pretty in the fall. Personally, I have never been to a winery in the fall, so I am so excited to do that this fall!

  • Bonfires! I love them in the summer but there is something about sitting outside cozy with a blanket in the fall that is so special!

  • Going for a hike to take in all the beautiful scenery! I live near the Dunes so I plan to go there and take in all the fall sights! So many photo ops!

  • Farmers Market! We have one close by and I cannot wait to go there on Sunday mornings, drink PSL and take in the crisp fall air!!!

  • Make Fall Themed Cocktails

  • Fall Themed Baking

Fall is so much fun!! I only wish that it lasted longer! I hope this list helps inspire you guys to go out and get your Fall Fun on!!



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