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My Fav Falsey Lashes

Hi guys!

I am so excited for this post- it is a fun one! Over on Instagram, so many of you reached out to me to see more beauty content! What you all want to see is so important to me and I of course have listened! I have been on the hunt for good lashes for a very long time. In the past, I have tried so many false lashes and never really fell in love with a certain brand. They would always irritate my eyes or be so darn heavy! THANK GOODNESS, I have finally found a pair of falsies that I am in love with! I am so glad to have come across Doe Lashes because, my oh my, are they good! Doe lashes are hands down the best falsies that have ever touched my eyes!

HOLY SOFTNESS! Okay these lashes are so soft and luxurious. I truly forget I even have them on my eyes- they are that good! With other brands, I would literally be counting down the moments until I could take my lashes off because they were so irritating and itchy! They are made of ultra-fine Korean silk fiber which is why these lashes are so so soft!

Another thing I love in addition to how soft these lashes is how lightweight that they are. I seriously cannot stand the heavy feeling of false lashes on my eyes. Like I said before, I have tried so many brands in the past and all of them would feel so heavy on m eyes, constantly. I remember thinking oh maybe I just need to get used to wearing them but that heavy feeling would never go away. I would literally dread every single blink because I could feel them there! When I first put on my Doe Lashes, I could not believe how light they were on my eyes. I was beaming with joy because I finally found a lash that felt amazing on my eyes! Honestly, at some points during they day I would check to make sure they did not fall off because I felt ZERO heaviness. Trust me when I say that it feels like you do not even have on false lashes.

One thing that I always struggle with is finding the perfect pair of false eye lashes for my eyes. I go into the beauty aisle and am completely overwhelmed by the amount of different eyelash styles. Everyone has different characteristics of their eyes so one lash may look great on someone and horrendous on you! It is so frustrating to blindly buy lashes because it is not like you can just return them after trying them on! So frustrating. Yet another thing I love about Doe Lashes is that they have a feature on their website where you take a quiz to see what lash best fits you! They ask questions such as your eye shape, how often you wear lashes, whether you like glam or subtle and more! This feature on their website is so great! Especially for beginners in the false eye lash game! I have a lot of experience now with lashes so I knew just by looking which would be perfect for me so I actually did not take the quiz before ordering my product. However, I took the quiz for fun before writing this post and OMG it matched me with the two sets I got! How funny is that!

They have so many beautiful styles for every occasion! Also- the price point is amazing and cannot be beat for the quality of these lashes. Don't walk, RUN to their website and treat yourself to some of the BEST FALSIES in the game! P.S- you can wear these over 15 times!! I love a product where I can get a bang for my buck!

Included here are links to their website and to the two lashes that I personally picked out!

Click on these pictures to shop my favorite false lashes!

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