• Mary Elizabeth

F*** Cancer

Cancer... I hate that word. Like a lot. It affected my life in the most devastating way as it took my moms life. This disease brought my family and I a ton of grief and sorrow. As much as I hate cancer, I have to thank it for making the person I am today. It made me stronger than I ever thought I could be, it made me cherish every moment as I learned the hard way that people you love cannot be here forever and most of all made me love my people in the deepest way.

I had the honor of attending The Pink Ribbon Society's Annual Tea. It was such a beautiful event. It warmed my heart to sit beside so many Breast Cancer Survivors. To see them smiling with their families and living was truly so uplifting. These ladies were once fighting for their lives and now all their challenges behind them are able to celebrate themselves!

The Pink Ribbon Society is an amazing group of people whose focus is to giveback to local women/men battling breast cancer. I am lucky enough to personally know the founder of this society as it is one of my good friends grandmother, who is a breast cancer survivor, herself!

This society is different in the fact that the money they raise does not go to research. The money they raise goes straight to the families fighting the battle of breast cancer. I think this is awesome! Don't get me wrong, I love all the organizations to donate money to hopefully, one day, find a cure for cancer. But I think it is also so important to help the people who are right in front of us!

Thank you Pink Ribbon Society for being such a positive community!



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