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Blueberry Moon Salon

I am so excited to share with you guys that I have partnered up with Blueberry Moon Salon to bring you guys mani inspiration every single Mani Monday! I will also be trying out a lot of other services that they provide, so I cannot wait to share my experience with you guys!

Let's talk about this salon! I loved it from the minute I walked into the salon and was so happily greeted by the front desk staff! It is located in the heart of Lincoln Park.

One thing that was really important to me was the fact that they are a cruelty-free salon. It is so important to find products that are cruelty-free to me. So to find a salon that lined up with my values was essential.

Listen, I am a nurse and have had patients with terrible skin infections on their feet due to the uncleanliness of the salon! These patients have had to be on IV antibiotics and in a walking cast! Like come on, these salons can be SO dirty!

The cleanliness of the salon is SO crucial to your health. Blueberry Moon Salons cleanliness blew me away!

Blueberry Moon Salon prides themselves on the cleanliness of their salon. They use pedicure tubs that are pipeless. The tubs being pipeless are a MUST for sanitary purposes. Their tubs whirlpool action is created by a fan that is sanitized between each guest.

When pedicure tubs have pipes, you can never truly get them clean and sanitized. To truly sanitize them, it would require you to completely take them apart and empty them, which is not practical. So EVERY single pedicure has water from another person's pedicure! Gross right!

Another thing that really stood out to me is the fact that Blueberry Moon uses brand new foot files for every single client. They explained to me that it is very challenging to get a foot file very clean. They have found that even soaking the foot file leaves skin flakes left on the file. This leaves people much more susceptible to fungus and infections. The solution to this dangerous health hazard was to use a brand new foot file for every single client! I truly commend them for the attention they pay to every single detail and genuinely putting their clients' health first!

Finally, I have to share with you the products they use in their nail service! All products they use are made by FarmHouse Fresh, besides the nail polish. Farm House Fresh is a women-owned company based out of Texas (babes support babes, of course!!!). Most of the ingredients in their products are grown in their farm, and what they cannot grow in their own farm they source from other small US farms! How awesome is that! The best part is that proceeds from their products go to saving and rehabilitating neglected and abused animals who live in their animal sanctuary!

Many of their products are organic and vegan; however, some products do contain honey.

One product they use in their nail service is Organic Sunflower Honey Butter. This is a healing moisturizer, AND it felt amazing on my hands!

I cannot brag about this salon enough! Now go head over to Blueberry Moon Salon and get yourself pampered, I promise you will come out feeling like a new person! You will be happy supporting their small-business and what they stand for!

Book your appointment today by calling 773-529-3333. Don't forget to mention Mary for 20% ANY salon service!

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